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Things we’ve done

We’ve been pretty busy these last three years. We’ve: written many letters to councils and initiated letter-writing campaigns, been interviewed by several newspapers and one podcaster, presented to various council meetings, presented at lunchtime speaker series, participated as invited panel speakers at housing strategy meeting in Victoria, contributed to BC Housing report prepared by BC Tiny House Collective, instrumental in having moveable tiny homes included in Central Saanich OCP amendment, instrumental in moveable tiny homes being incorporated into Victoria Housing Strategy, held two tiny house showcases. Below are 

Tiny House Showcases

  • Tiny House Showcase held August 2017 – over 200 attendees.
  • Tiny House Showcase held May 2019 – over 400 attendees.

Council Meetings

Central Saanich – various meetings and special events

Saanich – various meetings and special events

August 2018 Victoria Special Council meeting Making Moveable Tiny Houses Legal in Victoria (scroll to D1)

News articles and Outreach

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